Support to Honduras’ National Response Plan for the Prevention of Violence against Children and Adolescents (2021-2026): Supporting data-informed implementation and dissemination of implementation learning at national and municipal levels


The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD) Project is seeking a partner institution(s) to support the efforts of the Government of Honduras to end violence against children. The partner institution(s) should be based in Honduras, or based in the region, but with operational presence in Honduras. The full Request for Applications (RFA) is available for download below in both English and Spanish. The partner institution(s) will be required to carry out one or more of the following tasks:

Task 1: Document the learning from Honduras’ experience with implementing the National Response Plan for the Prevention of Violence Against Children and Adolescents at the national and municipal levels through development of case studies and support the dissemination of learning through contributions to knowledge sharing platforms such as webinars and regional network dialogues; and

Task 2: Support the recruitment, contracting, and or management and supervision of up to four technical consultants, one serving at the national level and three serving at the municipal level. The national-level consultant will support the Honduras Vice Ministry of Security in the implementation of the National Response Plan at the national level and will play a key role in Task 1; the municipal-level consultants will support Municipal Councils in adapting and implementing the National Plan in three pilot municipalities (Choloma, La Ceiba, and San Pedro Sula).

Task 3: Contribute to the development and delivery of training for national- and municipal-level policymakers and program implementers on designing and adapting evidence-based interventions within the INSPIRE framework to address priorities in preventing and addressing VAC in Honduras

This RFA will be composed of two phases. The purpose of Phase I of this RFA is to solicit Statements of Organizational Capabilities and Technical Expertise from potential partners who are prepared to engage in this work. In the second phase, applicants who demonstrate the relevant capacity and qualifications will be invited to submit full proposals.