Nurturing Families Program

Overview of Findings

Nurturing Families is a comprehensive, family-based intervention that helps vulnerable families function better, feel stronger, and ultimately offer a nurturing environment for children. The intervention was piloted by War Child Holland and the Collateral Repair Project in 12 families in the Al Hashmi area of Amman in Jordan in 2022. This report summarizes the case study findings from their program pilot as presented during the MHPSS Learning Collaborative Meeting on July 27, 2022.


The study has a central family intervention component, beginning with assessment with the entire family, whereby their challenges and needs are identified jointly. This includes communication and setting common goals as a family, with some basic parenting strategies introduced to all families. Based on the results, other components of the intervention will be identified. In case of impairing distress of a caregiver, their mental health and alcohol and drug use will be assessed. In case of problematic parenting strategies, we will offer more intensive parenting support. In case of financial distress within a family, there will be referral for services such as financial coping and poverty reduction. If there is violence identified between caregivers, a referral would be made for intimate partner violence. The intervention will be targeted and non-specialist for families experiencing multiple and complex stressors and forms of distress.

Lead Implementation Partner: GIZ
Lead Research Partner: 
War Child Holland
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