Respectful Maternal Care 

Since the Bowser and Hill Landscape Analysis was commissioned in 2010, much has been done to address disrespect and abuse in birthing facilities and to develop, test, and implement interventions and approaches to promote respectful maternal care (RMC) (see the Timeline of Key Events for major milestones). Implementation Science Collaborative (ISC) partners have engaged researchers, implementers, and policy experts from Africa and the U.S. to generate more evidence on promising approaches, analysis and consultation around RMC terms and framing, improved packaging of evidence and knowledge products, and informed indicator development for routine monitoring and evaluation of RMC.

The HEARD project has continued the momentum by:

1. Identifying promising approaches for advancing RMC,

2. Exploring routine monitoring and evaluation efforts to mitigate disrespect and abuse, and

3. Supporting governments and stakeholders through information sharing and technical assistance to advance policy advocacy,

A Timeline of Progress

Success Stories