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This event is a cornerstone for health officials, researchers, policy makers, and professionals, providing a platform to:
This international gathering aims to shed light on the pervasive social stigma that surrounds mental health, while emphasizing the urgent need for treatment and support.
The APA’s Annual Meeting in New York City covers the full breadth of psychiatric topics, with a focus on the most pressing issues facing your practice and patients as we look toward the future of psychiatry. 
18 Mar 2024 – 
Vulnerable individuals tend to enter the mental health system through the general community or primary care level. Therefore, it is essential to improve pathways to access these services at lower levels of care and ensure local leadership in service development. Community-based psychosocial...
14 Feb 2024 – 
ISWP validated and conducted a feasibility study of three remote basic skills assessment approaches for wheelchairs..Read more
14 Feb 2024 – 
Would you like to have your wheelchair testing centers featured on our website? If you are part of a testing facility, or if you know about one, please help us by completing this form.Complete form
14 Feb 2024 – 
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14 Feb 2024 – 
The certification will recognize your wheelchair service provision knowledge and training for two years on the…Read more
Theme – Strategic Synergy: Implementation Research, Practice and Policy for Impact
In response to insights from 300+ members and key stakeholders, this year’s theme focuses on protecting children in escalating conflict and crises. This encompasses crises prompted by conflict or armed violence, climate shocks and natural hazards, and in many cases a combination....

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