Kenya launches a Study on Child Protection: A Decade of Change (2010-2019)

In November 2023, LVCT Health, in collaboration with the Department of Children Services in Kenya, published a groundbreaking, qualitative study on the reduction in violence against children (VAC) in Kenya from 2010-2019.  

The study examines the evolution of VAC policies, interventions, and implementation mechanisms to shed light on key factors contributing to the decline in VAC. It also reviewed the strategies and interventions employed, including building service providers’ capacity and strengthening information systems to reinforce VAC prevention and response services. 

Between 2010 and 2019, Kenya saw a 50% reduction in emotional violence, 40% reduction in physical violence and 50% in sexual violence. The report “Kenya’s Journey Towards Protecting Children: A Decade of Change (2010-2019)” investigates the reasons behind these reductions, particularly in sexual and physical violence 

The publication – celebrated with a launch event  – marks the commencement of intensified efforts and renewed commitments. Event participants committed to carrying the momentum forward for impactful action in ending VAC. 

To learn more about the results of the report, click here.  

The ISC/HEARD Project funded this research and launch event.